Dowload Spec Sheet

Anliker Multicut-240

Vegetable Cutter

Multicut 240
Model # Description Length Width Height Ship Wt.(lbs)
MULTICUT-240 Vegetable Cutter - 900 lbs/hr 30.04" 30.79" 42.52" 168


The kidney shaped food pusher is a glass fiber reinforced material with antimicrobial protection built in, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and provides superior sanitation. The Multicut-240 was designed to be a mobile machine. Mounted on casters, it can be moved effortlessly from on e location to another. Thanks to the integrated stainless steel disc storage, the cutting dics always remain within easy reach. In addition, the "higher volume" hopper feed allows for more processing per hour.

Standard Features

  • Kidney shaped material pusher is made from antimicrobial glass fiber compound
  • Powerful 1 HP gear-driven motor
  • Optimum plate speed of 280 RPMs
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Polished foodgrade cast aluminum hopper head and sealed upper housing
  • Stainless steel body and base
  • Built in antimicrobial protection
  • Double safety interlock - hopper head/food pusher
  • Ergonomic 45° food hopper incline
  • Removable hopper head and food pusher (no tools required)
  • Discs are rigid cast foodgrade aluminum
  • Stainless steel knives are hardened, ground, leathered and hand-polished
  • 42 different cutting discs are available


  • Processes up to 1300 lbs. per hour. Ideal for 1,800+ meals.


  • 1 HP, 115V/60HZ/1 Phase, 14.5 amps, automatic reset thermal overload protection.

Unit Comparisons

GSM 4 GSM 5 Star XL, XL Star, & MultiCut-240
HP 1/2 1/2 1
RPMs 340 340 280
Upper Housing Cast Aluminum Stainless Steel Cast Aluminum
Blades Available 47 52 42,44,42
Antimicrobial Protection Pusher X X
Antimicrobial Protection Blades X X

On/Off Latch (Interlocks)

  • The hopper latch serves as the on/off switch and interlock for the hopper head. The unit will not operate with the hopper head open or unlatched.

Gear Drive

  • Sealed spur gear transmission with permanent grease lubrication. Output 280 RPMs.


  • Ergonomic 45° incline for convenient feeding, cutting and ejection of food. Separate food hopper permits continuous cutting of long products. The food pusher enables even pressure to be applied when cutting food. The hopper head, food pusher and cutting discs are easily removable, without the use of tools, for quick cleaning.


  • The sealed upper housing, removable hinged hopper head and food hoppers are made of polished cast aluminum. The body and base are constructed of #304 stainless steel.

Cutting Discs

  • There are 42 cutting discs available. The discs are rigid foodgrade cast aluminum. The knives are hardened, ground, leathered and hand-polished to a razor sharp edge for precision cutting and long life.


Two years parts and labor.

Read California Proposition 65 Warning

Anliker GSM-5 - Wave Cut

SU5-5* Slicing
SU7-5* Slicing

Anliker XL - Course Cut (G)

G10-7 Slicing
G12-7 Slicing
G16-7 Slicing
G3-7 Slicing
G4-7 Slicing
G6-7 Slicing
G8-7 Slicing

Anliker XL - Cubes Dicing Discs (WK)

W10-7** Dicing
W14-7 ** Dicing
W6-7** Dicing
W8-7** Dicing
WK10G-7* Dicing
WK14G-7* Dicing
WK20G-7* Dicing
WK8G-7* Dicing

Anliker XL - Fine Cut (F)

F1-7 Slicing
F2-7 Slicing

Anliker XL - French Fry Discs (RS)

BT10-7 FRENCH FRY DISC 3/8" (10mm)
BT6-7 FRENCH FRY DISC 15/64" (6mm)
BT7-7 FRENCH FRY DISC 9/32" (7mm)
BT8-7 FRENCH FRY DISC 5/16" (8mm)

Anliker XL - Julienne Discs (S)

PA4K-7 Julienne
PA5K-7 Julienne
S1.5-7 Julienne
S1.5-7 Julienne
S2-7 Julienne
S2-7 Julienne
S3-7 Julienne
S3-7 Julienne
WS-7 Julienne
WS-7 Julienne

Anliker XL - Shaving Discs (HS)

HS-7 Shaving

Anliker XL - Shredding Discs (RS)

0-7* Shredding
00-7* Shredding
1-7* Shredding
11-7* Shredding
23-7 Shredding
3-7* Shredding
4-7* Shredding
7-7* Shredding
9-7* Shredding

Anliker XL - Slicing Discs

F1-7 Slicing
F2-7 Slicing
G10-7 Slicing
G12-7 Slicing
G16-7 Slicing
G3-7 Slicing
G4-7 Slicing
G6-7 Slicing
G8-7 Slicing
SU5-7* Slicing
SU7-7* Slicing
TO-7 Slicing

Anliker XL - Tomato Slicer (TO)

TO-7 Slicing

Anliker XL - Wave Cut

SU5-7* Slicing
SU7-7* Slicing

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