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OP-3 Superior Baking Results

Piper’s OP-3 Oven-Proofer Combo produces quality baked goods consistantly and efficiently. The Natural Convection Oven utilizes aluminum decks which radiate heat evenly throughout the oven to ensure an even bake. Once the oven reaches temperature, power is temporarily suspended, but the heatretaining decks continue to bake. This means far less energy consumption and lower costs than typical commercial ovens. Add automatic steam and humidity to your oven/proofer combo and enjoy even more effi ciency with the perfect all-in-one baking center and watch your bread - and your profi ts - start to rise.

Flexibility: Bake on deck or with pans Superior Baking: Individually Controlled Decks for Precise Baking / Genuine Hearth Bake is Perfect for a Wide Range of Products / Radiant Heat Ensures Even Baking / No Moving Air in Oven to Dry Out Product / Steam Injection Available

Efficient Operation Requires Less Space / Uses Less Energy / No Moving Parts in Oven