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Piper Focus Vol.25 Natural Convection Oven

Piper Focus
Natural Convection
Moving air without moving parts
Piper’s unique Oven construction creates a gentle airflow throughout the cavity which evenly
distributes heat over and around the product. .190” Thick aluminum decks conduct heat from below
the product, while .190” Thick aluminum deck liners radiate heat from above the product. This blanket
of heat is drawn forward through the cabinet by open vents in the top. This chimney-like feature is
the secret to the gentle flow. Even the full-view glass door contributes to the hearth bake. It’s low-E
coating reflects heat back into the cavity to help brown from the front - creating a prefectly even
bake. Even better, we have an entire range of oven capacities to meet your demand, from 2-half pans
to 18 full-size sheet pans. Visit for more information on our entire line of ovens
and proofers.

Oven DO 3
Standard Oven Features

• 2” Thick Insulation
• 1/4” thick Tempered, Low-E Coated Glass
• 1500W Elements
• Each Deck Brightly Lit
• 18 gauge Aluminized Steel interior walls for
   excellent heat distribution
• .190” thick aluminum decks and liners for
   maximum heat retention
Piper Focus Cool Touch
What is Cool Touch?
Piper has developed a revolutionary door system that reduces heat transfer up to 50%. Our optional "Cool Touch” system keeps heat from transferring to the outer door, resulting in a temperature of 90° - 135° cooler than conventional doors. The glass is double-paned and each pane is Low-E coated for added insulation. The outer door swings open for easy cleaning of both panes. 
2 half-pan Deck Oven
with Cool Touch Heat Shield

Piper Focus

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