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Piper Focus - Steam Table Options

Piper Focus
Volume 49
Steam Table Options from DDB to DME
Which of our steam tables fits your needs?
Piper offers multiple styles of steam tables to fit your budget and your food service requirements. The Design Basics Table (model DDB) is an economical solution to your serving needs. The simple design and knock-down construction keep costs low. It is available in 2-pan through 5-pan lengths. Standard features include 6” stainless steel adjustable legs, individual drain valves per well, and a poly-cutting board. Each steam well is powered by a 750 watt element, is infinite controlled, and can run wet or dry!
DME-3-PTS DME Series Mobile Steam Tables from Piper are perfect for operations where meals are served at a distance from the kitchen. Standard features include a stainless steel cutting board and manifold drains. Two 5” diameter rigid casters and two swivel casters with brakes enhance mobility. A full-perimeter bumper is available to protect your surroundings as you roll through the halls, and a convenient push handle is standard for easy maneuvering. Three, four, and five-well models are offered.
The DME Series also includes Stationary Steam Tables. They are available in 3-pan through 6-pan lengths and come standard with features like a maple cutting board and built-in plate shelf. A stationary DME can be ordered as open, semi-enclosed, or fully enclosed with sliding doors.

Visit to see more options including tray slides and protector guards to complete your meal service steam tables.

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