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Piper Focus - From concept to reality

Piper FocusVOLUME 56


Piper Focus
Full collaboration and imaginative design.

From concept to reality.

A lot goes into designing and building a 20 foot custom salad bar, and working closely with the

client is crucial to success. A Product Specialist will be with you from the beginning to gather

details, estimate costs, and answer any questions. From there, a designated Customer Service

Representative will continue to work with you and our engineers throughout the project to ensure

design integrity. Every detail from size and electrical requirements, to stone top and laminate

colors will be finalized and approved at this stage. Your representative will continue the

conversation through the fabrication process and keep you updated on the status of your order.

The final result will be a custom product designed precisely to your specifications and built to the

highest standards, all while maintaining excellent customer communication.

From a hand-drawn conceptual sketch, to engineering drawings

and 3D renderings, to the final installation details, the Piper

team will work with you diligently to ensure every aspect of

your order is met. Call Piper and start the process today!

    Piper Focus
Piper Focus

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