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Piper Focus - Adjustable Height Serving Counter

Piper Focus Vol. 57Volume 57

Adjustable Serving Counter
 An innovative way to offer self-service accessibility
 to a wide range of ages is to include adjustable
 height counters in your cafeteria lineup. Popular with
 elementary schools, a simple turn of a handle can raise
 a table from a petite height of 30” to any increment up
 to 36”. Electric models are also available for an even
 easier transformation with just a push of a button. They
 can be ordered with casters or stainless steel legs. No
 longer will first graders have to reach, or sixth graders
 have to stoop. Just adjust the height before the next
 meal service period - it only takes seconds! You’ll
 experience better traffic flow and fewer spills when the
 equipment is sized accordingly. Call Piper today to learn
 more about our adjustable height serving counters!

Piper Focus - adjustable serviing

Piper Focus

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