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Piper Focus Hot Cold Combo Well

Piper Focus
The Original Hot/Cold Combo Well!
Multi-Use Wells in 2-6 pan sizes available since the 80’s

Since the 1980’s the HCM has been available in
Elite Counters, Reflections Lineups, and as a Drop-
In unit for custom millwork installation. The well
is available in 2-6 pan capacities and uses simple,
reliable controls to switch between hot and cold
modes. Use the Hot Mode to keep your breakfast buffet toasty and switch to Cold Mode
for cool, crisp lunchtime salads. The HCM is the original, truly versatile, combination serving counter.

Flip the switch today and start experiencing Piper
innovation at its finest.
                          Piper Hot Cold
Piper Hot Cold
Copper Coils wrap around the pan to keep food cold, while heating elements are mounted below the pan to keep things hot when in heater mode. (4-HCM-DI Shown)

Elite 2-HCM with Hi-Macs® solid surface top and tray slide, laminated panels, and adjustable guard

Piper Focus

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