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Piper Focus - Multitude of Dispensers

Piper Focus
Check out our Multitude of Dispensers
All with self-leveling mechanisms 

You will be sure to find what you need with Piper’s wide variety of dispensers. We offer everything
from mobile tray and silverware dispensers, to cup and glass dispensers, to heated and unheated
plate dispensers. All are available as mobile carts or individual drop-ins, and benefit from durable
stainless steel construction.

Visit for more information and additional styles!

Tray Dispensers for Any Tray Size

• Mobile, Cantilever Style - single or double configurations
• Mobile, Tubular Frame - single or double configurations
• Mobile, Enclosed - Heated or Unheated
• Drop-in
• Optional Silverware and Napkin Dispensers

Piper Focus AT-6xxxx
Plate Dispensers for Dish Sizes from 5” to 12” in Diameter

• Mobile, Tubular Frame
• Mobile, Enclosed
• Drop-In
• Heated or Un-Heated
• Model Capacities From 1-4 Tubes

Piper Focus

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