Dowload Spec Sheet

Pass Through C42

Shock Freezer/Blast Chiller

C40 C42
Model # Description Depth Width Height Ship Wt.(lbs)
RDRC42T PASS THOUGH BLAST CHILLERS 58.7" 59.1" 87.8" 1058
RCRC42T PASS THOUGH BLAST CHILLERS 58.7" 59.1" 87.8" 904

Only Piper's equipment has the advantage of FoodSafe technology and certification. This ensures that your food is kept "out of the DANGER-ZONE." Food spoilage occurs mainly because of rapidly accelerated bacteriological activity within the 40F-140F "DANGER-ZONE." Since there is no simple way of knowing when the degree of contamination has risen to a level which could result in illness or death, chilling or freezing food rapidly is the only FoodSafe answer. FDA and HACCP Regulations permit a maximum of 6 hours to chill food from 140 to 40 degrees, while some states now permit only 4 hours. This is 6 to 8 times faster than what traditional refrigeration equipment can accomplish. Blast chilling and shock freezing are the key factors in HACCP compliance and the fight against foodborne pathogens. Nothing does it better than FoodSafe.

General Features

  • Outside stainless steel Scotch-Brite finish
  • Inside stainless steel with rounded corners
  • Inside bottom and floor die-formed leakproof
  • Insulation in high-density (93 lbs approx.) expanded polyurethane CFC and HCFC-free, thickness 3.15"
  • Copper evaporator coil with aluminum fins protected against corrosion with an electronically applied epoxy paint 20 microns thick
  • Anti-condensation heating element fitted on the door under the gasket
  • Horizontal ergonomic handle with inside security lock
  • Nr. 2 Doors with rubber sweeper gasket with closing hinges
  • Heated core probe in blast freezer for an easy extraction
  • Door with lock
  • Electro-Fin (coating to protect fins from corosion)

Internal Fitting

  • Internal bumpers in stainless steel to prevent damage by trolleys.
  • External guards in stainless steel to prevent damage to control panel.

Cooling Unit

  • Remote condensing unit and possibility to have stainless steel protective cover
  • Evaporator fitted with high flow rate fan for maximum cooling efficiency
  • Ecological refrigerant R404A.

Control, Monitoring and Safety Devices

  • Electronic control board equipped with display, which shows the status of the appliance in every moment.
  • The microprocessor is able to memorize till 100 programs.
  • The "T" electronic control can memorize eventual alarms, and can control up to 4 core probes or 4 sensors Defrosting with activation of an electric heating element fitted on the evaporator.
  • Compressor protected by overload cut-out with automatic reset Microswitch cuts out the evaporator fan and compressor when the door is opened.

Versions / Optional Accessories

  • Water cooling unit
  • 1-door version (Roll-In)
  • Version without floor (with rubber sweeper gasket)
  • Condensing unit
  • Cover for condensing unit
  • UV sterilization system
  • Printer kit


  • One year parts and labor. Warranty is detailed on inside front cover of the price list.
Read California Proposition 65 Warning


Model # Description
RXT Time and temperature recorder with printer (Version T Only)
SM1PL1 Additional temperature probe (not heated) with 1 reading point (version T only)
USBNT USB Connection (version T only)
UV-1 Ultra Violet Sterilization

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