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Piper Focus Polar Vortex

Piper Focus Vol. 75 Polar Vortex
Introducing our latest creation

Piper Focus Merchandisers keep a wide variety of foods for high volume meal-prep operations. Adjustable pan slides mounted on 3” centers are designed to accommodate 18" x 26" sheet pans.* Side loading increases the visibility of products on the pan and throughput on your tray line. Pans can be displayed level or at a 15° angle for easier access. The refrigeration system is carefully engineered to efficiently hold foods at temperatures that are in accordance with the latest food safety standards.
The cabinet is constructed of rigid, moisture resistant PVC composite panels that will not warp, swell or deteriorate from water contact. The color of the panel goes through to the core to hide any marks or scratches. Exterior panels are clad in stainless steel. The interior display area is built of stainless steel and includes 15 sets of removable pan slides. An LED Light is included in the top. End panels are tempered glass for full view of product.
   Cabinet Construction

      • Stainless steel cladding
      • Rigid PVC Composite panels
      • Digital control
      • Glass end panels

      • 15 Sets of removable pan slides hold
         18” x 26” sheet pans
      • Can be displayed level or angled at 15°
   Refrigeration System

      • Self-contained system
      • Drains to condensate pan
      • Automatic self defrost
      • Removable front louver panel - without tools

Piper Focus

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