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Introducing The NEW ANLIKER L

20 Razor-sharp reasons why Anliker Slicers are the world’s best slicers
Anliker L
• High capacity output of up to 800 - 1200 lbs. per hour
• NEW: 45 % larger than average hopper insert and cutting
• Slower RPM‘s at 336 allows for cutting of soft produce
  without damage
• 50 different slicing options rendering outstanding cutting
• Optional «Double Shot» insert for long products such as
  cucumbers and similar (continuous feed)
• High-tech glass fiber disc and drawing cut prevent the loss of 
  nutrients and vitamins and ensure longer-lasting freshness of
  the cut products
• World first patented antimicrobial and HACCP friendly cutting 
  discs made from corrosion resistant glass fibre composite – more
  hygiene, more yield, more profit
• Machine stand and upper part made from patented glass
  antimicrobial fiber composite with embedded silver ions
• Optimum user comfort thanks to an ergonomically perfect
  45-degree position for easy filling and product monitoring
• Flexible and effortless food pusher handling with left, right
  or both hands thanks to the cutting-edge sliding system
• Dishwasher safe and HACCP friendly cutting head thanks to
  the world’s best high-tech glass fiber antimicrobial material
• No oxidation and deformation of the glass fiber discs in the
  dishwasher – 100 % acid proof
• Removable hopper head - NO TOOLS (easily cleaned)
• Sealed head/shaft - prevents build-up (easily cleaned)
• Gear driven
• Safe and easy handling thanks to switchless operation
• Double safety interlock
• 100 % maintenance and service free induction motor and gear
unit for reliable operation
• Two-year parts and labor
• Five-year warranty on motor and gear ONLY

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