Dowload Spec Sheet

4 Half Pan Oven - 8 Half Pan Proofer

Natural Convection

Model # Description Length Width Height Ship Wt.(lbs)
OP-4H 25" 76.25" 500

Our half pan oven / 8half pan proofer gives all the benefits of a full-sized baking unit, yet conserves valuable floor space. Regardless of it's small size, the OP-4-H provides the same easy proof and quality hearth bake for which you've come to trust from Super Systems.


  • Individually controlled oven and proofer
  • Each oven deck individually thermostatically controlled, provides precision "hearth" bake, and allows for more control over baking environment
  • Natural convection & radiant heat design doesnot dry out product
  • No moving parts in oven reduces maintenance problems and increases reliability
  • Full-view, heat-reflective tempered glass door allows for energy-efficient sight baking and proofing
  • Each deck brightly lighted provides sight merchandising
  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel construction easily cleaned and maintained
  • Individual heat and humidity controls in proofer provides precise control over proofing/warming environment
  • High volume blower in proofer circulates heat and humidity efficiently in proofer
  • Manual fill water pan has 4.3 quart capacity, autohumidity optional
  • Positive magnetic door closure
  • 60 Minute reminder timer
  • Field reversible doors, left or right hinged
  • Removable drip trough provided under proofer door


The oven corner posts shall be 18 gauge stainless steel with a 20 gauge stainless steel wrapper for top, sides and back panels. The interior oven cavity shall be constructed of heat retentive 18 gauge aluminized steel with chrome plated wire racks on .190 aluminum decks. The interior oven cavity shall be constructed of heat retentive 18 gauge aluminized steel with .190 aluminum decks.

The oven shall work with a patented "Heat Sink" principle and "Natural Convection" technology. When the materials in oven are heated to the proper temperature the oven shall bake with radiant heat and conduction. The oven shall also have heat release vent that draws air through the oven cavity and over decks.

The oven shall have no moving parts. Each deck shall be individually, thermostatically controlled. The oven shall have a heat reflective tempered glass door.

The ovens proofer shall be constructed of 18 gauge stainless steel. The proofer shall have a thermostatically controlled 750 watt element for creating heat and an infinitely controlled humidistat 1250 watt burner element for creating moisture. Proofer shall be brightly lighted.

Oven proofer combinations shall have three individual circuit breakers. One for the proofer thermostat and heat element. One for the humidity infinite switch and burner element and one for the oven lights.

Read California Proposition 65 Warning

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