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Piper Focus - Cold Mechanical

Piper Focus
Bloomington Cold Mechanical Drop-In

Summer’s Here - Keep Your Food Chilled Properly

Piper Focus
Designed to work without ice and meet NSF 7 classification, our Bloomington Cold Mechanicals have a 9-7/16” deep well that allows the food pans to sit below the counter top, letting cold air blanket the food. Additionally, copper coils line all four walls, creating an excellent cooling chamber that completely surrounds the food. The pans sit on stainless steel rails that are height-adjustable in 1” increments, and models are available in 1-6 pan capacities. Furthermore, the refrigeration components are enclosed in an aluminized steel housing and attached to the framework to make installation a breeze. Just cut a hole in your countertop, drop the unit in, and let the Bloomington do the work.

Cold Mechanical

      All Bloomington Drop-ins are rated 120 volts, 6.3 amps.
      Visit to see our complete lineup of drop-in models
      including frost tops, steam pans and dispensing equipment.
Piper Focus

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