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Piper Focus - Single or Double Roll-In Proofers

Piper FocusVolume 59
Single or Double Roll-In Proofers

Simple, Reliable, and Durable for your high-capacity kitchen

RIP-1 shown with optional  
roll-in rack and digital controls
The RIP-1 and RIP-2 roll-in proofers from Piper are built to last and designed for simplicity. Just 2 controls are necessary - one for temperature, and one for humidity - that’s it! And since automatic humidity is standard you’ll never have to worry about filling a water pan again. All you will ever need to do is load your rack and roll it in. Call Piper today and order your roll-in proofer, and start enjoying the benefits of efficient design.
Standard Features:
     •Automatic humidity
     •Full-view tempered glass doors
     •Lighted interior
Available Options:
     •Digital controls
     •Warming option
         - Fully insulated
         - Holds product up to 250°
     •Reach-In Nylon-coated racks and shelves
     •Roll-In Racks
     •Manual fill water pan

Piper Focus

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