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Piper Focus Vol. 63 - Slicer Blades

Piper Focus
Here’s the story of a lovely slicer...

xxxxxxxxxxxPiper Focus

Piper Focus

Even Alice would have been thrilled to have been able to feed the bunch with a groovy Anliker Slicer from Piper. With over 17 different style cuts available, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more universal slicing system. From Juliennes to Cubes to Brunoises, this thing can slice all day. The blades are fabricated from anti-microbial active material and the cutting discs are made from glass fiber composite material which prevents the discs from oxidizing and warping. Both features are industry firsts and are HACCP friendly. Additionally, the four-step hand-ground blade edge minimizes cell damage of product and maximizes juice, vitamin and nutrient retention. It’s swell! Check out the entire list of available blades at and make Carol, Mike and Alice proud!

Piper Focus

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