Dowload Spec Sheet

Berkeley Series Hot Plates


Model # Description Length Depth Hot Plate Sections Ship Wt.(lbs)

Piper’s Berkeley Series Hot Plates offer an attractive and flexible approach to the display of foods that need to be kept hot, but sell best when displayed to their advantage. These electrically heated units are available in several ways, as drop-in or built-in models for use in serving counters to replace steam pans that hide the food; or as portable counter top models that can be easily relocated as required. Units are provided with either one, two or three (drop-in models only) individually controlled hot plate sections. All models can be provided with an optional "hot spot”; (except with built-in model) or, with an optional sneeze guard with quartz heater for more even heating.


  • A black Ceran Pyroceramic hot plate, with mat-type heating element adhered to underside, set into rectangular base frame and rests on support angles fastened to the inside of frame
  • Equipped with a 16 gauge stainless steel flange around the full perimeter of the frame to support the unit when it is dropped into a counter cut-out
  • Hot plate separated from frame by band of high temperature silicone
  • Frame is constructed of stainless steel
  • Space beneath the heating element filled with insulation and enclosed by a removable, perforated stainless steel bottom access panel
  • Unit equipped with a surrounding protective handle constructed of all welded tubular stainless steel, attached to the base frame with horizontal spacers
  • All models are provided with 8' long cord with matching NEMA # plug as shown on specification chart (see back for additional information)
  • Temperature of the hot plate surface is adjustable to a maximum of 250ºF


  • All models equipped with toggle master on/off switch and an infinite control with separate pilot light (one for each section of the hot plate)
  • The controls are mounted in a stainless steel control box, mounted on the rear of the base frame. Control box is easily removable, allowing for remote mounting. Controls are pre-wired and furnished with 30” long connector cables



  • Optional sneeze guard with heat lamp available for all models
  • Quartz heat lamp(s) are mounted in a channel shaped stainless steel housing which is mounted to tubular uprights
  • Uprights are 1" diameter "U” shaped stainless steel, welded to the frame at each end
  • Housing is coated to match the finish of base frame and is enclosed with stainless steel bottom plate with recesses into which the quartz lamps are mounted
  • Up to four 375 watt quartz lamps are provided, based on length of unit
  • One end of housing is fitted with a blower to maintain safe temperatures
  • An adjustable dimmer control is mounted to the housing. The intensity of the heat lamp can be adjusted by the operator
  • The curved sneeze guard is 1/4" thick acrylic. Sneeze guards are designed for self-service


  • Optional 1700 watt Hot Spot is available for all models
  • Maximum of one Hot Spot can be provided per unit
  • The Hot Spot can provide up to a maximum of 800ºF, ideal for holding soup, boosting heat, wok cooking and various other options
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