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Piper Focus Alum Heated Transport Cabinet

Piper Focus Vol.73
Aluminum heated transport cabinets

Insulated and non-insulated models available in multiple sizes.

Based on the popular 900 series from Piper, the industry standard in transport cabinets,
our heated cabinets are durable enough for your most demanding applications.

 Piper Focus Vol.73 Heated Transport Cabinet • .125” thick aluminum base
• 14 gauge aluminized steel caster channels
• Side panels are constructed of aluminum extruded channels
• Capped with a double-pan top
• Supported with corner gussets for added strength
Heat and humidity is provided by our 1130 heater
box. Lightweight and removable for easy cleaning,
it has individual controls for heat and humidity,
a digital temperature readout, and a one gallon
stainless steel water pan. A louvered vent stack on
the back panel ensures even distribution of hot air
throughout the cabinet.
Full size models hold up to (34) 18” x 26” sheet
pans. Half-size models hold 15 pans. Both sizes are
available as insulated or non-insulated. The heater
box is rated 120 volts and 1500 watts, and can plug
into any standard wall outlet. They are perfect for
your transport, storage and catering needs.
Call your local Piper Representative today to order

Piper Focus Vol.73 Heated Transport Cabinet
Piper Focus

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