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Elite OTR

Keeps your products cold

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Model # Description Length Width Height Ship Wt.(lbs)
3-OTR-1 46" 28" 65-7/8"
4-OTR-2 60" 28" 65-7/8"
5-OTR-3 74" 28" 65-7/8"


Piper Products Series OTR Refrigerated Merchandising Cabinets provide self-service for a wide variety of foods, while displaying them attractively in a way sure to attract customers. The refrigeration system is carefully engineered to hold the cold foods at temperatures optimized for protection of their safety and appearance, in accordance with the latest food safety standards.


The display section is rigidly constructed of stainless steel, with the front open to expedite self-service. The rear is closed by means of two glass doors which are hinged for cleaning and re-stocking. Both ends are closed with fixed glass panels. The glass panels are all mounted to two stainless steel uprights at the rear, with plastic inserts isolating the glass from the uprights. Three glass shelves are mounted, using stainless steel toothed racks adjustable in height. In addition, the base is recessed for additional food storage. The bottom of the recess consists of stainless steel plates which can be lifted out for access to the air circulation system. Fluorescent lights are mounted in a fixture at the top of the display to illuminate the food.

The rear doors are double, with the outer layers sealed into the door frames. The inner layer is perforated as part of the air circulation system and is removable for cleaning. The doors are hinged and can be swung out for re-stocking and for cleaning.

The display section sits on a base which houses the evaporator coil and the air circulation system. Around the base, near its top, a flange is provided to support the unit when it is installed in a cabinet or a counter.


The food is cooled by a precisely controlled air flow pattern that maintains 38° to 40°F within the cabinet, even though the customer side is open for self-service. Employing blowers and ducts, the system creates a circular flow of cold air that covers all of the displayed food while protecting the food from ambient temperature conditions.

NOTE 1: Ambient conditions should be no higher than 75°F and 50% RH.

NOTE 2: If ambient conditions higher than 75°F and 50% RH are expected to be encountered, the factory must be advised of this when a quotation is requested at time of ordering.


A frame for the refrigeration system is mounted under the base. The system is self-contained and fully connected. It is thermostatically controlled and includes an automatic defrost system using hot return gas to melt ice off of the evaporator coil. (If remote refrigeration option is selected, the hot gas return defrost is not provided.) The refrigerant is environmentally safe type 404a.

NOTE 1: A 1" diameter drain pipe is provided as shown in the drawing. This drain must contain a trap before connecting to a floor drain or service container at time of installation.


The controls are solid state, mounted on a panel and wired for remote mounting. Included are on-off switches for lighting and for power, and an adjustable temperature controller with a digital readout.


Capacity depends on the types of food and their containers.

NOTE: If the unit is to be mounted into a counter or cabinet, Front and rear ventilation louvers, each at least 25" W x 20" H, MUST be provided in the cabinet or counter and located so as to provide full ventilation for the condensing unit.

Read California Proposition 65 Warning

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