Dowload Spec Sheet

16-18 Pan Double Ovens

Natural Convection Oven

Model # Description Length Width Height Ship Wt.(lbs)
DO-16-G 91" 69" 1800
DO-18-G 69" 75" 1700

Our large-scale double ovens are designed for easy operation and energy efficiency. If you need a reliable work-horse to produce quality baked goods, look no further than the DO-16- G from Super Systems. Created with the highvolume bakery in mind, the individually controlled decks give our best hearth bake, while the handy reminder timer and full-view glass doors eliminate production hassles.


  • 2 Individually controlled 8 pan ovens
  • Glide doors allow individual access to oven sections for loading and unloading, maintaining consistent baking temperatures and higher energy efficiency
  • Natural convection & radiant heat design does not dry out product
  • Each deck individually thermostaticly controlled - provides more control over your baking environment
  • No moving parts in oven reduces maintenance problems and increases reliability
  • Bake pizzas right on deck
  • Stainless steel construction easily cleaned and maintained
  • Positive magnetic door closure
  • 60 Minute reminder timer
  • Full-view, heat-reflective tempered glass door allows for energy-efficient sight baking
  • Field reversible doors, left or right hinged
  • Each deck brightly lighted provides sight merchandising
  • Maximum Oven Temp 450°


The oven corner posts shall be 18 gauge stainless steel with a 20 gauge stainless steel wrapper for top, sides and back panels. The interior oven cavity shall be constructed of heat retentive 18 gauge aluminized steel with chrome plated wire racks on .190 aluminum decks.

The oven shall work with a patented "Heat Sink" principle and "Natural Convection" technology. When the materials in the oven are heated to the proper temperature the oven shall bake with radiant heat and conduction. The oven shall also have heat release vents that draws air through the oven cavity and over decks.

The oven shall have no moving parts. Each deck shall be individually, thermostatically controlled. The oven shall have a heat reflective tempered glass door.


  • Bake on deck or use half or full size pans
  • Bake pizza right on the deck
  • Sub rolls
  • Muffins


One year parts and labor. Warranty is detailed on inside front cover of the price list.

Read California Proposition 65 Warning


Model # Description
HVS High Volume Steam (top oven section only)*
HVS2 High Volume Steam (2 oven sections)

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