Dowload Spec Sheet

Cook & Hold Ovens

Holds the Flavor Until Ready to Serve

CS2-5, CS2-10S
Model # Description Length Width Height Ship Wt.(lbs)
CS2-5 5-pan Cook & Hold 26.25" 34" 265
CS2-5L Low Watt 5-pan Cook & Hold 26.25" 34" 265
CS2-5S 5-pan Smoke & Hold 26.25" 34" 265
CS2-5SL Low Watt 5-pan Smoke & Hold 26.25" 34" 265
CS2-10 10-pan Cook & Hold 26.25" 52.25" 360
CS2-10S 10-pan Smoke & Hold 26.25" 52.25" 360
CS2-5/5 Two - 5-pan Cook & Hold 26.25" 65.625" 530
CS2-5L/5L Two Low Watt 5-pan Cook & Hold 26.25" 65.625" 530
CS2-5S/5 One 5-pan Cook & Hold & One 5-pan Smoke & Hold 26.25" 65.625" 530
CS2-5SL/5L One Low Watt 5-pan Smoke & Hold One Low Watt 5-pan Cook & Hold 26.25" 65.625" 530
CS2-5S/5S Two 5-pan Smoke & Hold 26.25" 65.625" 530

The Chef System Cook & Hold Oven roasts meat, poultry and fish, to juicy tenderness... and holds the flavor until ready to serve. Featuring an exclusive Roast-Air™ process, Chef System uses radiant and convection heat that browns naturally, tenderizes and holds natural juices, creating distinctive and tasteful entrees.


  • Product probe for precise, consistent results. Meat probe comes standard.
  • Far less shrinkage – meats cooked in the Chef System shrink as little as 7-10% compared to 25% in conventional ovens. The savings mean greater profitability.
  • Exclusive Roast-Air cooking process combines 90% radiant heat with 10% low velocity convection to brown food naturally.
  • Easy-to-use controls combine digital precision with simple touchpad adjustments. The settings can be changed at any time during the cooking process – preheating, cooking or holding.
  • External vents control humidity without losing heat from opening the oven door.
  • Power interruption warning – if power is ever lost for more than 10 minutes, the display will indicate the total power interruption time.
  • Cleaning made easy – Chef System’s stainless steel interior walls, drip pan and wire racks are easily removed for cleaning in a pot and pan sink.
  • The drip tray ensures a cleaner work environment.
  • Versatility – slow roast and hold, smoke and hold or bake with Chef System ovens.


  • 5-Pan: 18 1/4"W x 20 1/2"H
  • 10-Pan: 18 1/4"W x 38 1/2"H

Smoker Standard Features
(CS2-5S, CS2-5SL, CS2-5S/5S, CS2-5S/5, CS2-10S)

  • 350º (177°C) Thermostat
  • Individually controlled, on/off switch, touchpad controls and indicator lights.
  • Two extra controls allow you to set the smoker delay and timer.
  • The smoker box heats pieces of real wood wet or dry.


  • One year parts and labor. Warranty is detailed on inside front cover of the price list.
Read California Proposition 65 Warning


Model # Description
20A-RECEP 20 Amp receptacle, 125V (NEMA 5-20R)
BUMPER Bumper Guards
CS-SECURITY Security Package
CS2-HEAVYCAST Heavy-duty 5" diameter casters in lieu of 4" casters
CS2-LPCAST Low-profile 2" casters in lieu of 4" casters
CS2-SSLEG Stainless steel adjustable 6" legs in lieu of 4" casters
CS2-STACK Stacking hardware in lieu of 4" casters
CSC-20-RECEP 20 Amp receptacle, 250V (NEMA 6-20R)
RIB RACK Rib rack - stainless steel (13 slots)