Dowload Spec Sheet

Drop-In or Built-In Tray Dispenser

Ultra Compact

Model # Description Length Width Height Ship Wt.(lbs)
ADIF-1014 Drop-In 40
ADIF-1216 Drop-In 40
ADIF-1418 Drop-In 40
ADIF-1520 Drop-In 40
ADIF-1721 Drop-In 40
ADIF-1622 Drop-In 40
ADIF-1020 Drop-In 40
ADIF-1420 Drop-In 40
ADIF-2020 Drop-In 40
ADIFE-1014 Enclosed 40
ADIFE-1216 Enclosed 40
ADIFE-1418 Enclosed 40
ADIFE-1520 Enclosed 40
ADIFE-1721 Enclosed 40
ADIFE-1622 Enclosed 40
ADIFE-1020 Enclosed 40
ADIFE-1420 Enclosed 40
ADIFE-2020 Enclosed 40
ADIN-1014 Built-In 40
ADIN-1216 Built-In 40
ADIN-1418 Built-In 40
ADIN-1520 Built-In 40
ADIN-1721 Built-In 40
ADIN-1622 Built-In 40
ADIN-1020 Built-In 40
ADIN-1420 Built-In 40
ADIN-2020 Built-In 40

Model ADIF ultra-compact drop-in tray dispenser.

Model ADIN ultra-compact built-in tray dispenser. (No flange)


The frame is constructed of all welded heavy gauge stainless steel. Model ADIF has a full perimeter stainless steel supporting flange for drop-in use.


(Both Models) The tray carrier is constructed of all welded 16 ga. stainless steel. It is connected to a self-leveling suspension system consisting of a series of coil springs and ball bearing guides designed to keep the carrier level at all times. The dispensing height of the trays is adjustable for varying weights by engaging or disengaging individual springs.

Read California Proposition 65 Warning

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